kanashimi no tenshi: just let me cry...

My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Journalism Batch 2006 just graduated last night. CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will never forget any of you!!
Thank you,

>>>Jhoboy - for always listening to me and my paulit-ulit stories about love. :D you're the first man in my college life (together with Kiko).
>>>Jessa - for always listening and giving pieces of advice.
>>>Brent - for doing things for me and for being my confidant.
>>>Ria Hazel - for singing the most heart warming songs when people are down
>>>Daisy - for laughing with me everytime I am bored in class. Without you, I would have looked like a crazy person to others.
>>>Kaiz - for your cute drawings and wonderful tagalog fictions.
>>>Meri - for being beautiful. :D kras kita!
>>>Meysil - for bearing with my mood swings and mga mala-dictator na utos. Without you, our thesis would have not succeeded! you're such a great writer.
>>>Art - for listening, for making fun of me, for making me laugh, for giving wonderful pieces of advice, for being the panda bear that i will never forget.
>>>Carmela - for the pants and talks
>>>April - for listening and for craving my stories.
>>>Tristan - for always making me laugh.
>>>Chris - for being serious and quiet. you always know the right thing to say.
>>>Abi - for giving me Middle of Nowhere and Rain CDs. :)
>>>Liz - for creating my blogs and for continuing to amaze me with a lot of different things.
>>>Ned - for being the gayest of all gays. you make my life colorful.
>>>Nina - for providing me excitement of waiting for your wonderful baby girl. God has blessed you so much! Keep on receiving!
>>>Trixie - for your makukulit na hirit
>>>Marlene - for being courageous and responsible
>>>Corrs - for greeting me on your radio program, for making me laugh, and for being so nice to me

and all my classmates and batchmates, thank you!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

obsession: part 2

i went to the municipal hall this morning to have our tax declaration churvas assessed... so you know, i did something else today other than watch Fushigi Yuugi again. XD

anyway, does anyone know where I can purchase Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2 at the lowest price possible? (that's where Tamahome was reincarnated as Taka) ...and in a less complicated manner, please? no more web orders whatsoever. XD

Image hosting by Photobucket <-- itooshi (hito no tameni) XP Image hosting by Photobucket

the Suzaku 7 = Ryuen Chou (Nuriko), Houjun Ri (Chichiri), Myou Juan (Mitsukake), Shun'un Kou/Genrou (Tasuki), Dokun Oh (Chiriko), Saihitei Seishuku (Emperor Hotohori) and Kishuku Sou (Tamahome) with Miaka Yuuki.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

obsession: 24 hours

I am in love~!!!!!!

He has blue hair, gentle eyes that go fierce when he fights...

he has an Ogre symbol on his forehead and he is one of the Suzaku senshi.

His name is Sou Kishuku, also known as Tamahome.


God, he is just so beautiful!!!!!

Last night, I got to watch Fushigi Yuugi up to the very last episode. I bought the complete series in Quiapo last wednesday together with Onegai Sensei. :)

I was expecting a tragic ending.

Although many of the senshis died during the battle between good and evil (nuriko, the beautiful nuriko, being the first to die), the ending was still happy. Tamahome went to the Earth (as a transferee to Keisuke's school, i just don't know if he still went by the name Tamahome) wearing the ring that Miaka bought in downtown Tokyo which they used to get 'married'.

Anyway, last Sunday, my sister came home. We all went to Alabang Town center and my mom bought me a nice Polo for this Saturday's entrance exam at San Beda. She bought it at P1,500. what a.

then we ate at Friday's and went to Tiendesitas in Ortigas to buy more clothes. I only bought one blouse. >.<

There was a pet expo and I found Zang-ga! (a bull terrier from Sang doo, hakkyo ga ja!) he costs P35,000 so ....

then i wanted to have that fluffy cat but couldn't buy it because he was being sold at a tumataginting na P18,000. mya~

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

lamentation +others

Det came to visit yesterday cos we had to finish our thesis that's to be submitted on the 15th.. and there were some other stuff we did. XP

and my CAT, Mr. Cow, died yesterday morning while Det and I were working on our thesis... :( i guess Mr. Cow was just waiting for my goodbye, and after I said farewell, he died. :(

then my mom came home early last night so we decided to go to the gym near our house... i did lots of stuff focusing on my abdomen.. mostly crunches and sit ups... and now my stomach feels a little different and quite painful...

i wanted Jana Roxas to win Starstruck but she was eliminated. I never liked Jackie Rice. She has no talent. I mean, when she was singing 'So Slow' of freestyle the other night, she couldn't hear her notes. >_> and Iwa, she could dance. but she had an attitude problem. As if Jackie never had one! She was the first to actually be in the attitude box, remembering the computer incident.

anyways, this reality-based artista search has just proven that many Filipinos have the colonial mentality: Jackie Rice and Iwa Moto.

But I always knew Marky would win. Magaling sa lahat, mukha pang Filipino. wagi.


last night, while chatting with kuya art, i asked him and meri some questions on my mind... just that, if you asked somebody if he's still with his gf, and his reply was "doesn't matter", what could he possibly mean by that?

they both gave: he probably likes you too other than his gf.

Happy birthday to Jorday Taylor L. Hanson. hahaha~!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

yeah right.

i'm beginning to think that you don't like your girlfriend that much.

it doesn't matter, huh? shut up.

Thursday, March 09, 2006



hindi ako pumasa ng UPLAE!!!!! PUT A LITTLE MORE TALAGA!!!

nakaka.. anyway, nahirapan naman talaga ako dun.

maghihintay ako ng magandang resulta sa iba pang skwelahan. sana sa maganda at sa gusto kong skwelahan ako mapunta...

nakapasa nga pala ang aking friend and ex-classmate (highschool) Niner Guiao and highschool classmate din na si Kata Cosalan... both from UP college.

congratulations. sincerely.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

lab meyks the warld iskweyr

today's officially the start of vacation. :D then again........... i have LETs on march 17 & 25, in UST and Beda respectively.. saya. >_>

i saw my gradeschool ultimate crush last ash wednesday... march 1, i think. he was one of the cutest guys in school that time. @_@

can you believe he's not my type anymore? (my type is tall, lean, and has nice hair. he's short, cos i'm taller, chubby and bald)

i mean, i used to like him since i was in prep school till grade 6. for a few years, we were mutual. then in sixth grade, i was really into him but i was only his second crush (according to our common friend and classmate, Jo Anne Rae).. his first crush was another classmate (and i think he courted her too) named Marian Emae Grace ... it was the first time i cried over a guy..


by the way, his name was GABRIEL CRUZ.

then it made me think...

+ first ever heartbreak over a crush: Cruz ...
+ first ever heartbreak over love: Cruz ....

nyahahahah!!!! so funny.


Det got upset because somebody asked me out. it was so freakinly scary...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

enough time to wait...and rest

college is almost over!!! few more weeks before graduation and i don't know if i should be sad, scared, happy or excited. have lots of emotions inside....

+ there's det. and less time together.
+ another step in the path to 'perfecting' myself... AKA Law school
+ job. employment. slavery or whatever you call it that has no allowance from parents.


at least life with Felicidad PereƱa and her torturing skills will be over... thank God.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

newest addiction

Image hosting by Photobucket

A love to kill.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Shin min ah plays Cha Eun-suk, a top actress who was once Kang Bok ku's (Bi) brother's girlfriend. Bok-ku becomes her bodyguard to avenge his brother, who falls off a building while watching Eun-suk announce her engagement with another guy on TV and ends up in a vegetative state. But, ironically, Bok-ku ends up falling in love with Eun-suk against his wish.

the most emotional part of this drama was when Bok ku told her that he was only pretending to love her.... when in fact, Bok ku cried when he kissed her while filming the scene for revenge because he was already loving her.