kanashimi no tenshi: just let me cry...

My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Monday, October 31, 2005

haters...+ etc

haay. someone called last night and according to my father, the caller used "Paolo" as name.

and i was stunned. Paolo would never call me. He doesn't even say hi to me not unless I greet him first.

then i asked Ron if he did call last night and he said he did...

and he used Pao's name. I asked why and this is what he said...

"Wla na kse ako maisip nung time na 'yun kundi sya." again, i asked why...

"kse s'ya yung taong kinaiinisan ko."

"Kse nung time na nagkahiwalay tayo, sya yung taong lagi mo nababanggit."

...kawawa naman si Pao. Ron is just one of the people i know who cares about me who doesn't like him one bit. eheh

anyway, i can't seem to understand why some people who are supposed to be very close to me cannot let a day pass without hurting my feelings... and I know i couldn't do anything about it. because if i call his attention, he'd just get angry. so bumptious. (ooh. yeah, new learned word. i'm enhancing my vocabs now 'cos i only have 11 more days before ALS entrance exam.)

by the way, i've just gotten my PC back.. thank christ. and ... i only got 1.87 as GPA. *tears* ...whatever.

happy holloween~! (dehr. it's not even popular in the Philippines..)

vote for April Song by 9th Avenue in Magic 89.9.. text line is 29761899 .. hehe

Friday, October 21, 2005

devils on the road

my dad's first cousin died last night. or was it the other night...?

anyway, what happened was that a motor vehicle was driven by a drunk person and two others backriding.. my uncle was in the sidewalk, taking a rest with his friends. then the motor vehicle swerved to the right and hit my uncle, who flew 20 meters, i think. (was that right??) the drivers weren't seen because my uncle's friends were too shocked and tried to help him out so they didn't really notice those fuckers' faces.

my uncle got into a deep coma after 3 days. the other night, his pulse stopped.. but the nurses blamed the freaking apparatus on his finger.. my relatives were too naive to actually believe that.. they didn't want to take the respirator off. he was a breathing cadaver.. well, actually, my uncle's wife for 11 months didn't want to... she's greatly affected... kawawa. :(

so last night, they finally decided to take the respirator off..

ayon... off to the burol..

i'm not really close to my Uncle, he's only 25 but am not close to him. for people who barely knew him, he'd seem arrogant just by the way he walks and looks at other people. i'm not really affected but i pity the people who are very close to him and treated him with respect. especially his wife, who didn't even bear a son/daughter before the accident happened, and my aunt, Joyce, who's 2 years older than I am. she's ... bah. yesterday at the hospital, everyone was crying. my eyes began to well with tears but i controlled them for my relatives' sake. i felt that they needed a lot of support...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

sembreak.. + koreanism

lol. is there such word??

anyeong!! :D anyway, i'm currently listening to My Love by Jung Chul. it's the theme from Sang doo! Hakkyo ga ja! :D

it's already our semestral break, i haven't much to do. ::gah:: since sunday, i've been watching Sang doo! hakkyo ga ja! and Full House... and listening to Bi. ::gah:: it's okei though...

Adeth told me that I am the perfect example for her InkBlots essay with theme "Sawa ka na bang maging Pinoy?" ... am not sawa, i'm just experimenting a little. LOL she said, I just woke up one day and thought that I was Korean. LOL

anyeo. am just fond of asian languages. Ne? :D i've been meaning to learn Japanese and Korean/Chungeol ..but i've only learned some words. like... anyeonghaseyo, anyigo kashishibshio, sekiya ::oops::, dol dae ga ri ::oops again::, kin cha na yo? ... oh well. i've been learning to translate chungeol characters from Bi's album (which i bought for 450 php) to english alphabet but i still can't understand them. i'll probably buy korean-english dictionary. :D

anyway, i'm going now... matta yo minna!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

oh my gahhh

the semester's almost over... thank Christ..

oh well... this semester is the most tiring of all... and the worse, probably. i've had failing grades in most of my subjects... T__T damn.

anyway, sembreak would still be busy for me, though, since i have lots of things to do regarding school like thesis and the requirements for law school...

wah. god help me.

PS: happy birthday in advance to Elizel Villegas and Paolo Cruz.