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My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Sunday, October 31, 2004


wai~!! i got a new phone!! :D

that's the main reason why I switched from Globe to Smart.. (the phone only has a smart line.) XD


Friday, October 29, 2004

hanson chronological time order

what I was doing for music in year:

> watched Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere for at least twice a day.
> played Middle of Nowhere in full volume the whole day

> played Live from Albertane in full volume the whole day
> played Snowed In during the middle of summer
> bashed The Moffatts

> played Middle of Nowhere, Live from Albertane, 3 Car Garage and Snowed In
> recorded and watched jMe's Road to Albertane video

> signed in for MTV Asia Graffiti wall and met tons of Hanson fans all over the world
> met my bestfriend from Singapore, Monica (who's also a Hanson fan)
> met the first HOFF 5 goddesses
> listened to This Time Around
> liked The Moffatts, bashed NSync
> bought Hanson Megamall Carpark mini-concert (aka the cancelled concert) ticket

> waited for a new album liking other bands such as Barbie's Cradle and The Calling

> forgot having Hanson albums at home and listened instead to old Talk on Corners of The Corrs and Barbie's self-titled album and Music from the Buffet Table and also The Calling's Camino Palmero

> cared to listen to Wave 89.1 and purchasing Dream Sounds 1

> listened to Underneath
> listened again to Hanson's old albums
> got excited for Hanson's september concert (which was postponed for November)
> got excited again for Hanson's November 20th concert at the Araneta Coliseum but is re-scheduled to November 30 to a smaller venue, Aliw Theatre
> got depressed and didn't want to watch the concert anymore

and finally, giving upon being a Hanson fan.

Monday, October 25, 2004

hanson concert

title: hanson world tour 2004
venue: aliw theater
date:nov 30, 2004
time: 8:00 pm

ticket prices
1.vip - sponsors only = 4000 pesos + 3 % charge
2.front row regular = 3000 pesos + 3 % charge
3.middle= 2500 pesos + 3 % charge
4.next = 2000 pesos + 3 % charge
5.next 1500 pesos + 3 % charge
6.next 1000 pesos + 3 % charge
7.next 800 pesos + 3 % charge
8. back 500 pesos+ 3 % charge

ticketnet: 911-55-55
fark!! sa lahat ng ayaw ko, yung pabago-bago eh. noong una, sabi September, naging Nov. 20, tapos naging November 30 na!! nyemas! (next thing I'll know, they'll say that the concert won't push thru.) at punyemas!! lowest price is P500?! grr.. Aliw Theatre? where the heck? and they say that the venue's too small that even when you pay P500, you'll still get to see them.

after 7 years of waiting, I really don't feel like going anymore. T_T argh,. this is depressing.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

year of the cow (ox)

Year of the COW (Ox)
1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

+++ People born in the Year of the Ox are patient, speak little, and inspire confidence in others. They tend, however, to be eccentric, and bigoted, and they anger easily. They have fierce tempers and although they speak little, when they do they are quite eloquent. Ox people are mentally and physically alert. Generally easy-going, they can be remarkably stubborn, and they hate to fail or be opposed. The Ox is a symbol of powerful individuals with unyielding and stubborn personalities. Those born under the sign are natural born leaders who typically succeed when given the.

/still having the fruits basket hangover\

fruits basket!!

ang ganda talaga ng Fruits Basket. It's a shame, I won't be able to watch it on saturdays because we have a class. T__T but i'm planning to buy its complete set of episodes ..i don't think i'll get tired of watching it over and over, just like Ayashi no Ceres. XD

harhar.. parang ang sayang gawan ng yuri fanfic si Uo-chan at Hana-chan. XD ang cute nman nila!

hmm.. Sohma Yuki sort of looks like Mikagami Tokiya of flame of Recca, ne?


+ rants...

1. i didn't make it to the dean's list. i only had 1.96 GPA. fark.

2. det's GPA is higher than mine. (reminds me of Kare Kano's Arima and Yukino. >_<)

3. we have saturday classes this next semester.

4. i don't think anybody wants to go with me to the Hanson concert this november 20.

5. det and I 've been fighting since the last four days. T__T

*stops ranting*

waahhhoooo!!! FRUITS BASKET sa channel 2!!! i WAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNTTTTT to buy FB's complete episodes!! wala lang~! ang cute nman ni Kyo (Kyu?) kse nagiging pusa s'ya!

bishounen overload~! *lalala*

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

clearance day..and no grades. >_>

/got my clearance today..and still no grades. i passed all my subjects but am worried about getting into the DL and my scholarship. ...argh. next week pa daw sabi ng UST announcement-with the flash and all. >_< makagamit lang talaga ng technolohiya amp!

/i was shocked seeing vira and paolo mariano together... hindi ko in-expect talaga!!! wahahaha.. asteg.

/then jessa, kuya jhobz and adeth went to our house after getting our clearances..we travelled for about 2 hours, and it was good while it lasted. harhar. at dahil fiesta bukas, kuya had his walang kamatayang leche flan.. adik! haha! then we played darts (surprised myself cos i hit the red mark/cherry)..harhar.. natalo si kuya!! XD we also tried golf, then eka-san and oniichan had to leave at four PM (at nasa byahe pa rin sila.. up to now.) am actually getting worried of adeth cos she left an hour ago, at ndi pa rin sya nakakarating ng LRT 2. gawd.

/may kahawig si chris martin ..my ex and my 1st love. pinaghalo. fark.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

chris martin ..and starstruck

/am not a fan of starstruck. but am having a nice time watching the stupid 'reality' TV of building pacute and not-so-talented-wanting-to-be-popular kids 'cos of Chris Martin. *lol.*
may dating kse sya...

here's a pic.. pero ndi sya masyadong cute dyan not as much as he looks like on TV. hekhek.

..almost hitting a couple

/fark. i almost hit a couple while driving towards home from Cardona. >_< eep... i went to the optalmologist this morning and my dad let me drive the car since i already had 5-hr practice with the car from A1, ...our headlights almost rammed to a jeep who stopped for a passenger, then this couple who were walking towards the center of the farkin street (which was 'zigzag') almost got hit by the sidemirror. harhar!!

to kill or be killed by my farkin dad.

/grades are still not released. clearance day na nina tonet, wala pa rin. argh. bakit ganooooooonnnnn???!!! fark.fark.fark.

/speaking of tonet, buti ndi sya nasagasaan... kawawa nman ang mga nagmamahal sa kanya.

/i stumbled into this adult fanfiction site 'coz of charsa's blog. thanks!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

actual driving 2

haha!! i finally got through with my driving practice-slash-lessons with A1, and the clutch problem still exists. harhar. but it was okay.. i drove around Makati and also Edsa.. and some other streets I didn't know. I practiced parking and maneuvering.. I actually got stuck in traffic on a hanging position, and for chrissakes. my clutch still didn't improve. >_< am cursed.

but UST is damned. our grades still isn't released through the net and the farkin clearance day is already on wednesday. arrghh!!! fark.fark.fark.

sana pasok ako sa scholarship. (which i'm partly positive.) and sa dean's list.. (hoping, really.)

haay... missing my bebe.. T__T 2 days to go..

Saturday, October 16, 2004

1st day of actual driving and two rabbits

1st day of actual driving and two rabbits

harhar!! this morning, i got to drive from A1 Shaw Blvd to Taguig and back to Edsa. *lol* the farkin instructor seemed like he was suffering from Autism. gawd. i had no problem except maybe for the freakin clutch, which i couldn't control so much 'coz my binte was getting hard. eep. and my mother kept exclaiming "JAM!" and "BREAK!" ... kaskasera daw kse ako..
after the 2-hr driving session, my mom insisted that everytime a car/vehicle passed my car, i'd speed up and try to catch the farkin thing. (which i was NOT guilty of.)

then the three of us (momo, popo & me) went to Divisoria and bought some things.. hekhek.. we bought 2 rabbits!! gwee!!! we bought a white girl rabbit and a black boy rabbit thinking that if they mate in the future, they'll produce black/white offsprings! i named the white one AYA and the black one TOOYA. hekhek. >_< ang cute!!!

natakot si Mister Cow... kse ayaw nya sa itim na hayop. pati kay Kwishi dati, natakot s'ya kse black cat si kwishi. Racist ang pusa ko. ehe... tapos ayaw tantanan ni Mooch sina Aya... nakatitig. ANG CUTE NILANG LAHAT!! now, am waiting for Sushi to go home para makita nya yung mga bagong hayop. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

silent misery from blogskins.com

am just gonna try this one out, for maybe two or three days, then go back to the old pink ayashi no ceres layout Liz made for me.. (glai, kung kelan sinabi mong maganda dahil andon si Yuuhi, tsaka ko tinanggal. *lol*)

andami kasing kulang.. (comments link, subject heading, etc) eh.. maganda yung image tsaka yung kulay.. so.. i tried. and it looks good naman, kulang-kulang nga lang so babalik ako sa dating layout.

lalala.. oyasumi minna-san!

how to tell a guy you don't like him anymore?

i certainly have no idea. so i'm needing help..gawd.

my ex, ron, wants a second chance. and i'm not going to give it, not anymore ('coz i actually realized that i never really did love him.. *sings the corrs' 'I never really love you anyway'*) and i can't tell him ..or i'm just afraid to break his heart *again*.. arrghhh...

i saw him this afternoon after my cousin and I attended this seminar about Herbalife which I'd rather not talk about 'coz it bored me to death. (well, almost. since am still breathing while typing this thing..) and he was pleading like "jam, sige na..." and he was telling my cousin to convince me to give the relationship another chance and he was going, "ate rhei, sabihin mo naman kay Jam...please?" and we were just laughing... he wants to call this afternoon, or maybe later at night so i have a good reason to stay online. para hindi makalusot ang tawag n'ya.. *lol* honestly, he got on my nerves.. nakakairita kse ang kulit kulit.. pero ndi ko nman masabi na ayaw ko na.. and i was going, "maghintay ka na lang or wag ka na lang talagang maghintay" ('coz am never gonna get back with you again..) and "ayaw ko na muna" .. i really couldn't say "ayaw ko na." it's different 'coz i didn't want to hurt him. i'm not the biggest biAtch. second to the biggest, yes, but aint the biggest. >_<

[i just got the thermometer outta my mouth and it reads normal temperature. i thought i 'm gonna be sick due to this farkin cold.]

...merienda muna ako ng mami! ciao...
am missing my baby already.. Y___Y

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

in this world, you can never survive without a TISSUE...

geez... got a farkin sipon! arrrghhh!!! umuwi lang ako dito sa bahay, nagka-sipon na'ko.. gross.

anyway, wala akong magawa... i got to watch Cruel Intentions 2 yesterday, and it was funny and so mean! haha!!! astig. it's a lot meaner [is there such a word? ooh am getting dumb.] than Mean Girls. lol. it had tons of kissing girls [gwee! yuri lives on!] and.. making a guy fall hard and breaking his heart in the end. tsk tsk... mean.

one of my ex's once told me that "ikaw nman ang nang-iiwan eh." ...and what she said left me thinking, am i really a heartbreaker? nah... i only broke 2 hearts.. and my current says i'm beginning to break hers. or i broke her heart once. ack.

god, i'm mean.

ps happy birthday hero kim!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

farkin website making..!!

nakakairita kaya kapag may pressure na kailangang maganda ang isang bagay dahil maganda ang sa iba. nakakairita dahil kahit anong gawin mo, alam mong konti lang ang kaalaman mo tungkol sa mga ganoong bagay. at dahil doon, nakasalalay ang grades ng walong kababaihan sa konting kaalamang iyon.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

nakakatakot po kahapon...

T____T waah.
wala lang.. i am thinking of making a website for my works (ie poems, fics, etc)...since i *think* i have already found a way on how to do it.. (frontpage == angelfire) FREE site.. haha!! paano yung computer... panira talaga ang projects. lalo na samahan ng grupo. tsk tsk..

harhar!!! gawa na yung isang CPU kaya may burner na kme!! *lalala* i can now transfer my road to albertane VHS copy to VCD! mabuhay ang Hanson!! *lalala*

scary experience... i dunno if you guys will believe ('cos i am definitely sure that i'm not sure if i believe what i saw or i believe what i think i saw or i believe that it was she who i saw or what it really was..i'm confusing myself already. ) yesterday, dette and i went to rizal to copy our frontpage material for computer presentation/project for maƱana por la tarde. it was already dark since it was almost 7 pm and when we were on our way to the Tayuman jeepney pila, I scanned the street where we were and a really old house's window caught my attention. En la ventana, there was a lady in white (whose face i couldn't see ..er... it might have been 'cos of a shadow), her hair was shoulder-length and kinda frizzy near the shoulders, she was holding an infant on her right arm and she seemed to be looking out at that window. ...then i shivered. she was SCARY. really. i told dette, "sh-- scary nman yun, beb" and i pointed at the window. the woman was still there and i couldn't help but look back a few times.. and dette was saying, "asan? asan?" ...until she told me that she didn't see any woman on that freakin window.

...and dette is presently on her way to Pandi, Bulacan where her cousin's body is to be buried tomorrow..her cousin who died while delivering her baby.. (and dette's sisters were saying that her hair is shoulder-length and the baby's body lies beside her inside the casket, snuggling on her arm . )...*shivers again*

..but of course, it could have been just another woman with her baby... but it scared the sh-- outta me.