kanashimi no tenshi: just let me cry...

My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

yes and no for my weekend

September 24: it was my sister's birthday and well...we actually checked in to Richmonde Hotel... wahaha. and the (::sister comes up behind and takes the keyboard away from the "your seductress":: ::gags from the name:: MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! ::dances away::) birthday girl is currently insane. >_< so... ayun na nga. after my 9 PM class, tumuloy na'ko sa hotel with my parents, watched animax (harhar!!! sana may animax akoooo!!) and slept. ts. boring night, ne?

September 25: birthday ng baby ko. woke up at 5:30, slept again and officially woke up at around 5:45..waited for the 'others' to get done with their morning rituals in the bathroom and finally get dressed for the gym. after 30 mins of working out with the threadmill, the abs swing, etc. i went back to the hotel room and put on my swimsuit, plunged in the -warm- swimming pool. after a few minutes of freestyle, backstroke, and breastroke (i gave butterfly a few tries but my body was so heavy. ack.), competing with my sister who almost always won, and modeling for my mom's camera.. i finally head for the sauna and steam bath. at 8 AM, we headed for the dining area at 2nd floor and had buffet style for breakfast. i didn't stay long kse bdet was already waiting at Megamall starbucks...we watched Feng Shui for our movie review, and Saved starring Mandy Moore..malungkot ang simula at wakas ng araw kse ndi kme nagksama nang matagal. T___T

Jessa's debut: Aberdeen Court... hinatid ako ni adeth then after a few minutes, umalis na rin sya. Kuya was there as my guardian.. dahil baka daw may kumuha ng number ko, according to adeth. >_< The whole time, i was with Kuya.. we danced, slow, to the tunes of...Dreaming of You (selena), and other songs... na nakalimutan ko na kse adeth was texting me.. at nalulungkot na siya.. :( when supposedly she should be happy since yesterday was her birthday. :(

Saturday, September 18, 2004

from Nelly and Nick Lachey..XD

argh. nakakairita na itoh!!!! nasasakal na'ko sa projects. argh. at nakakairita lalo kapag hindi ako pinapayagan sa mga overnights. i'm 18 and they treat me like i'm 1st year high! gaddangit. (sori marlene, i wudnt be able to go on monday for the layouting. but i'll probably be there on tuesday morning. gomen.) haay nako...

steg. ndi ako punk/rock/rebel/whatever pero i like watching THE ASHLEE SIMPSON SHOW!
harhar... and just like a teeny, i've been watching too many MTV productions since last month (i think). like DISMISSED, NEWLYWEDS, PUNK'D (pag naabutan ko), ONE BAD TRIP (just recently), ROOMRAIDERS... but i especially like ASHLEE. hehe. i'm tempted to buy her freakin album dhil naaaliw ako. but i have too many expenses already so i probably won't...

and since i dont have that much money anymore, i'd probably wont buy ma'am ricci's Book+CD.. which i forgot the title *again*. naalala ko na kahapon eh. REACHING DESTINATIONS yata. harhar.. gomen, ma'am nerisa. ^-^ but i like her poems and ...barbie's in her album. harhar. plus points.

i watched a play in UP (Palma hall) this morning ...forgot the title (err. gomen) Larysthenes? something greek. lol. and i recognized 2 peeps who graduated from Assumption Antips. One's my batchmate/friend Martha Punzalan who played WOMAN 1. (ekk.) and Laika Guzman who was my sister's batchmate. the play was... er.. according to a source, it was... er... nakakahorny. lol. (why was i feeling ashamed to say the word here?! HOOOORRRRNNNNNYYYY!!) there. i feel like an idiot so i better stop.

...quoting from Nelly (when I watched his MY PLACE making-the-vid):
"Keep your hands to your damn self... unless you asked."
...and from Nick Lachey (Jessica Simpson had her birthday on last night's episode of Newlyweds):
"The more she gets older, I feel less like a pervert."

..coolies, leitah!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

saying hi and hello...

zachary walker wants to say hi to me. hekhek.. nababaliw na'ko. for some reason, i feel sooooo free to do lotsa unimportant things when i am supposed to be doing tons of projects. hehe.. so i asked for an extension of deadlines to my section editor kse ndi ko pa tapos ang aking article. *sulks* oh well.. now this pic, i made with adobo photoshop. ADOBO!?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

wala lang actually.

Ang kulit naman... yesterday, i was too lazy to attend Spanish class tapos wala na palang susunod na subjects dahil wala ang mga Prof. so i had a free day yesterday. ehekhek. but i still waited for the night to come til i made some projects. >_<>

nagpahula nga pala ako nung Saturday sa Quiapo for our tabloid. hekhek. ang hula:
+ may goodluck sa career
+ happy married life
+ 3 relationships then marriage
+ leading an unhealthty lifestyle
+ madaling malungkot, malambing, all-out magmahal, sobrang magalit, mahina ang loob, controls temptation, ma-appeal. *glomps @ manang manghuhula*

o diba..? hekhek.. (actually, mas nakarelate pa'ko sa hula kay Nicole.)

Monday, September 13, 2004

monday morning, and goddamn projects..

ayosh. tinamad akong pumasok sa Spanish. at nag-quiz. punyemas.

andaming projects. grabe na itoh. ansakit na ng katawan ko... whole day at Quiapo last Saturday, tapos tinangay ako sa etivac kaya wala akong nagawang productive kahapon.. congrats nga pala sa UST Salinggawi..!! ang galing natin!! (lalo na nung inihagis ang tatlong cheerdancers in the air at sila'y umikot.)

haha. ansakit ng batok ko at ulo.. dahil umiyak na nman ako kgabe. fark.

belated happy birthday kay Aissa Mae. miss na kta. T_T

Friday, September 10, 2004

somebody help me...

+ i am badly NEEDING an F4 fanatic for my Lit-Jrn paper.. meron bang pwedeng i-refer/available for an interview?

grabe khapon... i was so stressed out, lahat na yata ng tao tinarayan ko. gomen to all those people. i didn't mean to.. *hugs everybody*

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

i ate a snake yesterday...

bdet and I went to Balaw Balaw (Angono) yesterday to have a taste of its peculiarity for a project in Feature Writing... (sayang, April, ndi ka sumama).. we left Manila at 8:45 and reached *my* house at 11:30...we ate lunch (kse bka ndi kme makakain sa Balaw Balaw) then rested for 45 mins.. we left Binangonan at 1:00, reached Balaw Balaw after 20 minutes and ate ADOBONG SAWA and TAPANG USA. I can't believe I ate a python. *gross*
yesterday was tiring, the weather was humid, i got all sweaty but it was fun. it wasn't like it was for a project. it came out as an exotic date. wekeke.. XD
and there was this girl who tripped over the PUJ we were riding in and she gave a "ay k*ki mong malaki" but bdet thought she heard her say "k*ki mong pagaspas/palakpak/pinatpat".. LMAO!! i was laughing really hard (that i couldn't breathe anymore) for approximately 15 minutes. *peace, love, and bulletproof marshmallows*

(geez... ang bagal nman mag-publish. >:\)

Monday, September 06, 2004

two and a half men, F, and wanting...

+ hekhek.. two and a half men made me laugh so hard last night. XD funny funny funny..
+ i learned from F that neckties actually came from Croatia!! haha. :)
+ i want a seventies look: off-shoulder loose pink blouse, tight-fitted knee-length capri pants without pockets and buttons, flat-ballet-inspired shoes, pastel bangles, big earring hoops and a hairband for a long wavy/curly hair. :) haha.. waaaaannnnnttttt.

ang galing... besty karl will make me his priority guest for their album launch.. ndi ko lang alam kung kelan. XD woohoo~!!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

sana totoo na 'to!!!

november 20: araneta coliseum... *prays* sana matuloy..sana matuloy.. sana matuloy...

what season are you?

spring! happy, free, joyful, naive, & optimistic, you always try to look on the bright side of things. you're up for almost anything, & absoloutely adore cute things! being angry at the world is the complete opposite from you, & you're not scared to share your love & joy with everyone. you still have your not-so-happy days, but hey who doesn't???

*nudges ee-chan* nice pic, ne? ne?

other cute people.. XD

(he looks like sugar ray's vocalist in this pic. XD)..
(hehe.) and also...
.. drool~!

am making a music-slash-album review of Underneath.. *promotepromote* ...am having a slight difficulty not to be biased. lol. here's a recent crappy pic (the freakin webcam doesn't want to cooperate with my face. bull.) i look ..trash. ehp.
+ the notebook made me cry. and not only *tears* but sniffles and.. eep. CRYYYY.. and det kept making fun of me. >_< the young Ally (Rachel something) looked very much like Faith, my Iranian roommate when I was stayed at Ladies Dorm (p. noval).. hakhak. funny.