kanashimi no tenshi: just let me cry...

My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My turn to rant

I got a 79 on my Persons final exam. It's 40% of the final grade. if i'm going to compute, my prelim exam would be 21 and my final exam would be 31.6 ...to add them would be 52.6 and assuming that my class standing is 25, total would be is 77.6.. i passed.

but rocky said the silent assassin passed only those who made it in the prelim exam which is only 35% of the total grade, disregarding the 40% final exam.


oh well~ biyayaan sana ako ng sipag at tiyaga...

i already told ee-chan that i couldn't like him the way he wants me to, ...not because of _._._ but because i really find it better if we're just going to stay as friends. ee-chan is a nice, sweet person.. and i'm flattered that he likes me, pero ...maa~ gomen, ee-chan. *bows*

Hero TV has a convention today and tomorrow at the World Trade Center, posters of it are scattered on UST bulletin boards everywhere inside the campus.

and Animax fashion ability contest is being held at glorietta today too...

and i can't go to both. :( maa~

Napapagod na'ko sa inyo, pasensya na. pero.. i wish you luck.

Happy Birthday to Eri, Nee-chan's ran.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

THIS IS A RANT: sa lahat ng ganid at inflexible na nilalang sa mundo

Hello, Jam. I need to rant.

I and my roommate got delayed in paying for rent and were charged (each) 375 for penalty. FOR A DAY'S DELAY. Not deliberately, mind you, but only because we were DUTY on the day we were supposed to pay rent (we were supposed to pay on the 6th) and were not at the dorm the days prior (we went home that weekend because it was ma's bday).

We paid immediately after the 6th --meaning the 7th-- but to no avail. We said we were duty, but they said we should have paid the days prior. HELLO! One day late! And not deliberately!

You slytherin of people, thinking only of YOUR greater good. And, AND! The month of October, they also made Kay pay penalty, because they refused to accept a check paid to cash (which was as good as cash, hello!) even if it was explained that the owner of the check was not in the country anymore! And we had no immediate access to money at the moment!! How greedy and inflexible is that?! Kasi daw nasa dorm rules.


Will anyone answer me please. Is it allowed to issue only provisional receipts in dorms like these? Talagang ganun lang, walang official receipt? When are official receipts required?

AND! AND they made my sister (MY sister!) go back to her dorm at TEN in the evening! Hello, iyon po ay nasa may Dapitan at eto po ay nasa Taft. Masarap talagang saksakin. It's not like she's not family!! Powtah talaga!

TAPOS makikita mo yung ibang dormer na nagpapapasok sa KUWARTO nila ng mga LALAKE (nakakatawa kung kapatid nila yun, because they seem to be pretty cozy for siblings...)


Thursday, November 02, 2006

To my new friends, 1A

Meron na palang hindi mag-eenroll sa second sem.. Well, goodbye for now. But I am sure we will all meet each other some time... if the time is right.
For those who didn't make it well enough, like me, well.. I could share this with you. Djerovin sent me this:

"A man tried to reach the top of the mountain and failed. After a year, he decided to make another attempt. Discouraged by his critics, he said, "after a year, i have grown stronger. But that mountain did not grow any taller. It is bound to bow down to me."

People, we don't have to be perfect all the time. Improvement has no limit. Our best doesn't have to be at this time, at this age. When we look upon ourselves, we might be able to see that something from this experience gave us a tinge of hope, and that hope makes us alive. All we have to do is look.