kanashimi no tenshi: just let me cry...

My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

pictures ng magaganda.

(eto si Jac.)
(eto si Amae.)
Got their pics from their friendster accounts... o diba? gaganda ng tropa ko noh!? XD

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

not for the faint-hearted, esp. DET

at last, i got to finish reading Crimes against Property. My nose almost bled with Article 315 (Swindling/Estafa) cos of the many jargons regarding money and transaction. I encountered lots of words I never read before... gah.

I have yet to read Crimes against chastity which is only 60 pages as compared to 300 pages of Crimes against property. The whole thing on chastity is only the whole of Article 315. >_>;;

more nose bleed.

i soooo dislike people who act as if they are always victims of other people. come on.

She is wondering why i always bring up the issues regarding her friends. She once asked me if i dislike her friends. I don't. Not really. But heck, i told her that it has always seemed to me that she enjoys their company more than mine. How could i say that?


1. everytime we are together, she mentions them. It would be fine if it is really indispensable that she mentions their names, but no... they are not necessarily included in her stories. She said she was only telling me things about her work because i said i wanted updates. She says this girl is like this. this girl does stuff like this. this girl loves to eat this. this girl looks like this actress. I MEAN, WOAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Those were NOT updates, those were raves about people i don't even have to care about! those were not even about her work, those were about her co-workers. -__-

2. why do i always bring up this issue: "when you have to go to places with them, you immediately ask for permission. when you have to go to places with me, or go to MY place, you don't even DARE to ask for permission."

it's because it seems to me that she can easily make efforts to go to that whatever thing she has with her friends no matter what her parents' decisions may be. I mean, she barely knows those people and yet she has the courage to ask for permission to go to places like LAGUNA and DAVAO... but to my place which is only 2 to 3 hours from her place, or even to my dorm which is only an HOUR away from her house, TO ME, WHO HAVE MET HER PARENTS MORE THAN FIVE TIMES, TO ME, WHO HAVE GONE TO THEIR HOUSE MORE THAN FIVE TIMES EVERY YEAR FOR 5 YEARS... Gah, she can't even try to seek their permission.

and even it's not about asking for permission, she can actually wake up two or three hours earlier, to go to malls with her friends, to glorietta or to whatever places i dare not ask, although she claims to be tired having up the whole night but when she has to go to my place, she has to complete like 5 to 6 hours of sleep no matter what. It doesn't matter to her if i have to attend a 5 pm class. She just have to complete sleep until maybe 3:30 pm, prepare for work then go to my dorm 30 minutes before my class. That the only thing we could do was walk from my dorm to the Main Building and off she goes to work... happily of course cos she will mingle with her oh-so-cool friends.

Do you think it would convince me that she really wants to be with me?

there are other things i don't want to mention here. those were too cruel but true. but hey, she told me before that it was always her who made an effort to meet my demands. (demands - time, to be exact) ... if only i could tell her about that time we watched Lake House... how much it negatively affected my entire life.

i may be jealous of her new-found friends.. heck. i so have the right. damnit.

Friday, December 22, 2006

It's gravitation~

Aim for the loophole in this shy, trembling society,
for the place we keep struggling towards. I want new world.
- The Rage Beat (English Translation)

Four years ago, night of December 22, somebody confessed. We only talked through text messaging but it was so nice I could not sleep. I thought she was not serious, I actually expected that she was not serious. Because I didn’t realize that she was feeling the same way. I thought I was the only one reeling in that kind of emotion…

“I love you.
I love you too.
Yey! Sinagot mo na’ko! Mark the date! Sa Saturday, 1 month na kami ni Maan.
Hindi ka naman seryoso ehh, matulog ka na.
Pa’no mo nasabing hindi ako seryoso?”

She seemed like she was kidding, didn’t she? Maan - who made a joke about being in a relationship with her – we all knew it was just a joke. Mentioning her name, it didn’t seem at all that she was serious.

“one last thing… I’m serious. Kung mahal kita sa lagay na’to, pa’no kung mahal nga kita? Hindi ka ba naniniwala?”

I believed her, yes, though we didn’t really start the relationship immediately. It started three months after… and during those two months in between, I was happiest.

There was, though, a slight pinch that was trying to wake me up. It was telling me not to, it was not right.

But like a good friend said, arguing with the law of gravitation, “if we can’t control the law of gravitation, then why do we control two people gravitating towards each other?”

...uh huh... and we met the unstoppable force that we have to move.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

the evil one.

vacation officially starts now...but a lot of school work piled up so i still don't have a break from school. darn.


ever had these feelings:
+ you're not doing anything good to yourself
+ you're not making extra effort in achieving your goals
+ you're not being able to please your family and friends
+ you're being sinful
+ you're wanting to get out of something that you really don't want to get out of
+ you're wanting to blame others but it is really you who has to be blamed
+ you're being jealous of people... her friends. O_O just because she seems to have more fun with them than with you... and for other reasons.

waah... christmas jitters.

i neeeeeeeed a gameboy.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

at 21~

Added favorite movie.. Imagine me & you starred by Matthew Goode, Piper Perabo and Lena Heady. It's about two women who, upon meeting each other in one of them's wedding, fell in love at first glance when they "immediately saw each other's soul in their eyes."
Belated Happy birthday to me! I'm already 21 years old!!
Happy birthday to Iyah. ^^

Saturday, December 09, 2006

malaking hayop.

oo, s'ya. isa s'yang malaking hayop. isang puntos na lang, regular na'ko.

nagpunta kami ni det sa UP AME Matsuri kanina. At nagtitili ako kay Shindou Shuici at Yuki Eiri.. XD kasi naman~~~ Yuri hugged him from behind then kissed him. O_O waahhh ...

Jam. << nahawahan ni M-chan sa shonen ai. specifically: gravi. XD

nakita ko rin si Eri, M-chan's ran. at ndi sya ngumiti..scary. ~_~
wala akong masabi. may 3-year itch ba ako? wala siguro... demo...

happy birthday kay Kristel. ^^


meron na 'kong blog! hehe. link me: malayangbituin.blogspot.com

kaso di pa polished. help, cho?

you're a friend, dude.

to be subtly told that you are not "liked". wow.

here i am, having enough guts to befriend someone i like, thinking that maybe i can be, someday, interesting enough to be.. whatever.

but no.

i'm a friend, dude. yup. always a friend, or a fling maybe, but not someone for keeps.


just came from lambac, cardona, rizal, talim island. wonderful place. small baranggay, but clean. friendly people. wonderful birds. had fun standing on the big banca, or whatever you call that.

really sad about the guy. huhu. ayoko na. fine. i'll settle for annoying guys who don't have something inside. may mukha nga, pero walang utak or walang personality. i will be one of the stereotypes, settling for the good physical attributes rather than what's inside.


hello, cho. someone design me my own blog. i keep on invading my sister's. cho? wanna make one for me? hehe. (tamad ako. bow.)