kanashimi no tenshi: just let me cry...

My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Sunday, August 20, 2006


aha! my sister posted again! *ngasab @ cho*==.
..hmm.. nothing much to tell. again. like my life has been a routine and nothing extraordinary happens to me. ...yeah, i know, this is not a fantasy where i get sucked into a toilet bowl or... wait a second.. now that i think about it..something extraordinary happened to me last week.

my parents gave me my dream phone: SAMSUNG FLIP. hehe.. it's an SGH X-660 model, black with gray lines. :D

and, marian and I went to Quiapo last tuesday and bought DVDs. i bought Kyou Kara Maou, Gakuen Alice, and Midori no Hibi for only 420 pesos. My classmates and I are planning to go there sometime next week to buy some more CDs. EHM... i also wanna get my hands on that
Ultra Maniac series even though i can't find the time to watch them all...

i also saw Paolo last August 14. i just noticed that something out of the ordinary happens every August 14... i already posted that a year ago... khakha.

and then... pepe surprised me with a bouquet of flowers last friday! :D LOL August 18 is our ...secret.

anyway, Ate Guard paged me at 7 am, while i was still asleep, and told me that there was a delivery waiting for me downstairs. actually, the delivery boy had been waiting for me for 15 minutes cos i didn't hear ate's 1st page. >_< i was -again- tooo sleepy to care. LOL so there... i was surprised to get a bouquet. without a notice whom that came from.. but i had a feeling it was from PE.. and of course i was right. i mean, who else would give me flowers eh?

there are other stuff that happened but i don't want to type anymore... i have to finish reading Aggravating circumstances and that freaking chapter on property relations blah in the family code. HAAAA i'm getting really tired just by reading and understanding and memorizing. det and I couldn't even find the time to see each other cos she has work and i have to study. >_> myu~

sacrifice. have faith as big as a mustard seed.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

guys... so weird

i can't believe this freaking blogger. i have finally erased my blog because of annoyance. and so, i have invaded my sister's.

weird people in this internet place. hm.. men. or should i say boys?

some stuff i have realized (that i previously thought are only characteristic of girls)
1. they get clingy when you don't call. they call and they text, and when you don't reply, they text some more and get annoyed.
"bakit hindi ka nagtetext?"
"bakit di mo sinabing uuwi ka?"
"lalabas pa naman sana tayo..."

2. they pout (even if it's not obvious in their face)

3. pag iniwan mo sila sa mall dahil sa kabagalan nila (kahit alam nilang importante ang dahilan kaya ka umalis (tipong kelangan mo kasing mag-aral for oral exams at hindi naman kasi nila nilinaw na pupunta pala sila):
"san ka na?"
"mag-aral ka na nga d'yan!"


masama akong bata.

hello, cho. i posted again.


during my last week at the ER (internal medicine rotation), i had two patients who died. a, i always have patients who die (ang mga pasyente sa ospital kung nasa'n ako ay halos palaging nasa bingit na ng kamatayan). i digress.

i had two patients who died. the first one, i was shocked because before the patient got transferred to the ward, she was stable and laughing with her husband. they were having a good time. she just gave birth and her child was admitted to another hospital (preemie). malaman-laman ko na lang ay patay na s'ya. wow. at bata pa siya, she was just 24 years old! just two years older than me! go figure. she died of heart failure, if i remember correctly.

the other one looked like one of my friends from med school. kaya sobrang weird ng pakiramdam ko habang minomonitor yung pasyente. i felt like i was seeing my classmate when his hypertension gets worse at mukha na s'yang may chronic passive congestion of the liver with ascites and all. (naks, feeling house, md). anyway, every time i looked at the patient's face, i got weirded out kasi nga i was seeing my friend's face. he died. at bata pa rin s'ya, 38. his wife's even younger. feeling ko tipong kasing-edad ko lang e. anyway, this person had seminoma. search n'yo na lang sa net what it means.

when i got home, i felt nothing. but it hit me after a day. i cried because i pitied them. and because i just had a falling out with that friend that the other patient looked like. hay.

o s'ya. end of pensieve. thanks for the unload. duty pa ako bukas. sa medical ICU. by the way, the other day, 3 patients died. grabe no? halos araw-araw, may namamatay sa harap namin.

if you were us, would you survive?


Sunday, August 13, 2006

i'd rather....

take all the prelim exams than know the results. T___T

tomorrow will be the last day of the prelims. i could only hope for the best.

Political law was the worst and most difficult. I don't know whether Atty. Sandoval was sarcastic when he told us that he could feel that we could perfect his exam.

Of course most of our professors have higher expectations on our section because they keep telling us we're the cream of the crop, being the pilot section and all.. but ::sobs:: ...

i wonder what Atty. Sandoval would feel if most of us would get lower grades than he expected.

i hope i did well. if not, i don't know how i will go about getting better grades for the finals and getting a mark higher than the required QPI. If i don't get it, i'll be taking law somewhere else. Back to square 1.