kanashimi no tenshi: just let me cry...

My tears are not free. Every drop amounts to a piece of your heart. So when I cry you a river, prepare to give me you heart. and I'll welcome it with a kiss. (012407)

Thursday, March 31, 2005

la la la

pictures... ahaha.. ampanget.

nung paskuhan.


kapag madami kang pimple, kakain ka ng fries +_+

Nung paskuhan last year, sa lovers lane/walk whatever. with friends ria, nina, mela & brent, with guys DJ and someone else (sori mela, really forgot his name). at siempre, bebe ko. :)

at ang current pic sa friendster.

update. >_>

ok.. am really not in the mood to write but heck.. here's an update of what i've been doing since the start of vacation (?).

i'm left in the house with my parents and it's very uncomfortable. sure we're close and all but we fight very often. and it's unhealthy. popo and i aren't speaking to each other at the moment just 'cos i don't like his side of the family too much..umm..long story.

anyway, during the holy week till now, i've been busy going to the doctor for my physical check up. i have serious pains every now and then, for months (a year?).. and my parents are worrying just cos my mum has this something. after the procession of saints, since our clan owns the Santo Entierro / the very famous "Giwang Giwang" of Binangonan Rizal, i was totally exhausted. i'm telling you, it's as if i'm in Quiapo, watching the procession of the Black Nazarene. but i had my cousins (Amae, Jac and Karen) for a sleepover that friday night so i only had 2-hour sleep because we were talking about our very complicated lovelives. sheesh. it was fun, though.

yesterday i went to National Kidney Institute to get my laboratory test results and almost everything was normal then went to Philippine Daily Inquirer in the afternoon for my OJT. am not starting yet but i had to pass my requirements yesterday. This morning I went to St. Lukes Hospital in E.rod and my doctor has a very interesting name. Dra. Charito Cruz-Bermudez. funny. =_=

tomorrow i'm scheduled to go back to PDI to get my ID. i'm assigned to Ma'am Margaux Ortiz, and i'm really hoping she'd be nice to me. er.. relatively nice. On Saturday, i'll go to UST for my clearance, and again, i'm hoping, wishing, praying that we (Adeth and I) passed everything. i have to. i need to. i need to maintain a grade in order to still be a scholar of Avon. On Sunday, i'll probably go to Cavite to visit my sister. And on Monday, start of OJT. I'm also scheduled to go back to NKI to get may ANA panel results.

crap. call this a vacation and i'll strangle you to death.

Monday, March 14, 2005

yesterday at corregidor

my family and i went to corregidor yesterday. we arrived at the yacht club at 7:30 and boarded the Sun cruiser #2 around 7:45. the boat was supposed to depart from Manila at exactly 8 am but it left 15 minutes late. talk about being on time. >_> it was my first time to ride on a ferry boat, i didn't like it. parang ndi nalinis. eewness. some of the passengers even got on my nerves. they were students (although they didn't look like students, i thought they were moms already) from World City College (i never even heard of the school before.).. they were trying hard to speak in english..sure, they made sense and all but.. argh. basta!!!!
anyway, after about an hour and a half, we arrived at corregidor and rode a tramvia, good thing the people from WCC had to ride another tramvia. ayun.. with the tramvia, we proceeded with the tour. the guide, Mang Pol, had a nice sense of humor so i wasn't exactly bored. to make this even shorter, the tour made me feel so tired. because of that, i couldn't help but fall asleep while hearing mass. i responded to the priest and sang with the choir while i slept.

yesterday turned out to be a better day than i expected.

PS: belated happy birthday to my *angel*, Monica, who celebrated her birthday last march 11.
and also to my other besty, Karl, who celebrated his birthday last march 9.
and happy birthday to Taylor Hanson (lol) who's celebrating his birthday today. ^-^v

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

tula. >_<

ginawa ko ang tulang ito noong 1st year, 2nd sem ..umuulan noon.

Walang saysay na pakiramdam

Ang mga pinagsama-samang
lungkot at emosyon
ay makikita sa pagbugso
ng ulan.

Ang mga panahon
na ibinuhos sa mga
taong walang malay
ay patuloy na dumadaloy
dahil patuloy silang

Ang pagmamahal na
naukol sa kanilang
mga walang pakialam
kahit sila'y may
kamalayan na.

Ang mga malay nilang
hindi man lamang
ginagamit dahil
natatakot silang
mabigo kapag sila'y

At ang mga salitang
ayaw nilang ilabas
sa kanilang mapuputlang
ay mananatiling
nakatago sa ilalim ng
bahang dulot ng ulan.

Ang ulan na tanging
nakaririnig sa nais
sabihin ng mga labi
ay hindi maintindihan
ng mga tengang
nabibingi sa lakas
ng pagbuhos nito.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

march 3. ngayon. 2 years.

nang magsabog ng kaepalan sa mundo, naglabas ng timba ang mga prof. >_>

ohwee... today is march 3 (duh) and it's our second anniversary. haheheh.. XD at dahil nalalapit na ang bakasyon, paparami na ang mga dapat gawin.

photojourn: we're doing a CD pullout. interesting project yet it seems very difficult. mwaaahh!! yesterday, our group (daisy, rianne, jhoey, jen, adeth, tristan & kuya art) went to ugong in pasig for the band's photo shoot. makuleeettt~~~ silang lahat.. tawa ng tawa ang mga tao.. -.-; eef. and because Daisy waisy was so nice to drive us from UST to megamall and megamall to monumento, i'm sending her my warmest thanks.

(monumento? i was supposed to sleep in a dormitory somewhere in sampaloc, right? monumento? sampaloc? waah! yes.. i slept in adethskidudel's house. (at anniv ngayon.. ehehe..)

Layout: we're assigned to make a newspaper. >_> a class project. more >_>

...next time na ang iba.. Spanish period na kase...